Present & Future Relationships

OMNI Industrial Services seels to provide a single vendor solution to customers seeking design and build projects. Relationships such as this one are essential in todays competitive environment, and are result of evolving customer needs. OIS's future will include even more new relationships with new customers seeking to take adventage of sucgh a relationship. These customers will be seeking the assistance of the delivery of their new technologies to market.

Currently, OIS's partnering to Renewable Carbon Technologies exemplifies such a relationship. Their delivery of RCT's wate tire processing technology was a miraculous achievement. It constituted design and construction of a first of its kind process unit in under 6 months, which currently is in start-up phase in Maryville, Missouri. In the future OIS will assist in the delivery of both the design and cinstruction of a new technolgy for Unified Fuels. This technolgy will process algea for conversion into a high grade bio-diesel for use in any diesel required motors.

OIS is a unique contractor because its owners are extremely experienced engineers and general contractors who over the course of their working carreers have accumlated a vast wealth of knowledge and experience for industrial processing and contruction. Any relationship will be advantagous to those who seek OIS's help. Many opportunities for exciting successful relationship are hopeful for the future and in deed desired. Thus, for any reason contact us and seek ways to get involved with new and exciting environmentsally friendly technologies.