Our management and supervisory staff members bring an average of 25 years of construction and engineering experience to every project. OIS offers our customers the advantage of a "one stop shop." From full turn-key projects including the removal, installation, and equipment start up; to quick fabrication jobs based on customer's or manufacturer's specification.

Pipe & Module Fabrication/Electrical & Instrumentation
Our prime objective is to provide the best-qualified electricians, instrument fitters, and technicians for any specific project. Our personnel are qualified in all areas of construction and maintenance and are equipped with modern, cost effective tools and equipment to insure timely project completions.

Full Service General Contractor
OIS is a full service, industrial contractor offering all the elements necessary to successfully undertake and complete your construction project. Whether your job is grassroots construction, a small or large capital project, demolition, or a rebuild, OIS will perform safely, on budget and on time.


Let OIS Design & Build Your Project
We are a project-oriented business employing in house quality-control services to assure that our projects finish on time and within budget.

  • Full Service General Contractor
  • Steel & Pipe Fabrication & Erection
  • Plant Maintenance & Turnarounds
  • Specialty Welding Services
  • Modular Fabrication & Installation
  • Plant Dismanteling & Relocation
  • Electrical & Instrumentation.
  • Engineering (through partner)
  • Design & Build



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