OIS has enjoyed two roles on this project, first, the supply to Renewable Carbon Technologies for sale to Carbolytic Materials Company the FOB Module design and fabrication of a 60 ton per day tire processing unit, and second in Missouri, working for CMC, the unit was offloaded, set and interconnected.





FOB Module Design & Construction
OIS''s innovative design takes advantage of new knowledge aquired over months of testing jointly with their partner RCT. New operational theories were tested during this period and then implemented into the design of the second generation unit, doubling capacity to 60 tons per day and improving viability for long-term operation in the future.


Beta Field Installation
OIS recieved delivery of RCT's technology in MIssouri and within ten weeks had set the modules, completed all neccassary piping connections, electrical wiring, and instrumentation hook ups. The technolgy completed start-up on August 8th, and currently in the hands of CMC operating 24/7.



Waste tires have been an environmental hazard for many years and the search for a technology to cure this problem has taken decades. Finally RCT and OIS together have created a solution. RCT's TRD Technology is a safe, reliable, and economically viable alternative to the burning or land filling of waste tires. It is capable of converting 60 tons of tires a day into valuable resources such as oil, gas, and carbon black. It maybe the greenest technology created in the most recent past.


OIS is the sole provider of this technology through a partnership with RCT and its affiliates. OIS has this unique position because we have core management in area crucial to are capable of providing services to RCT necessary for further development of this technology and others yet to be developed.