OIS has been helping Hybrid develop its site since the company was formed. Working with Orion Engineering, we have designed and constructed every project executed by Hybrid to convert an existing ‘pool chlorine facility” to a high tech specialty chemical facility worthy of the world leading chemistry conducted by Hybrid.





Hybrid Plastic's Facility
OIS has upgraded and installed new reactors, vacuum filters, extruders, to support processing needs and when asked, shifted to design and construction of a state-of-the-art Research Laboratoy.



Lab Installation
OIS recieved delivery of RCT's technology in MIssouri and within ten weeks had set the modules, completed all neccassary piping connections, electrical wiring, and instrumentation hook ups. Due to delays, unrelated to OIS, the technolgy completed start-up on August 8th, and currently in the hands of CMC operating 24/7.




Hybrid Plastics manufactures POSS Nanostructured Chemicals, Flow Aids, Dispersion Aids and Thermoset resins. If you need to manufacture at the 1-10 nm length scale or to simply expand the performance envelope of an existing material contact Hybrid.


Hybrid PLastics offers a large variety of POSS Nanostructured Chemicals. As chemicals, they follow the Gibbs free energy of mixing equation for dispersion and compatibility. For example the R groups on the cage provide compatibility via the priciple of "like dissolve like" and cages containing polar groups or polymerziable groups provide intersection with polymers, surfaces etc and also promote a favorable enthalpic term.